thecwst: Masafa by Abdul Basit Khan and Habiibah Aziz
Paper Storage is coming all the way from Los Angeles this month! Hello from the hills of Hollywood!
Colliding spheres, clashing colours, collapsing wholeness

hncking asked:

this page is fantastic. you have an amazing eye for assembling such a great selection of images. you have constructed a beautiful narrative of pieces each holding to an exciting flow of visual content that i can only describe as a man with great taste with the gifted ability to layout content with delicate and attentive touch. please don't stop. i hope you enjoy LA. regards Harry.


Wow, Harry, thanks so much for the kind message. I am full of gratitude. I really take such a pleasure maintaining the paper storage blog, which seems to have become a visual archive of me and my mind these last few years. To know that others can enjoy it, too… well- it’s a thrill.

All the best to you and keep making your exciting works.


Verena Hennig (London, UK)
50 years of mum. Invitation designed for 50th anniversary of Heike Hennig. Die-cut porcelain. Edition of 50. “Afterwards the invitation was burned in a conventional ceramic furnace.” Photography: Tilman Weishart 


Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida - Strolling along the Seashore